Period 4: Grandi Stazioni (2000-now)

Stazione Termini

The current Stazione Termini [3]

In 2000, Stazione Termini was renovated as an element of the Grandi Stazioni project. The year 2000 was chosen since this was the year of the Great Jubilee of the Roman Catholic Church. The primary goal of the renovation was the reordering and rationalization of the diverse functions that are the centre of the station such as transportation and commercial services. There was need for greater specialization of the space usage to meet the different features. Some spaces did not satisfy the modern role of the station, and those spaces had to be eliminated. Furthermore, a various mix of products and services must be available for the travellers [1]. The renovation of Stazione Termini was needed because of the changed needs of the passengers and visitors. People want a modern station with various facilities. Next to this, some parts of the station needed improvement and needed to be more efficient. The Grandi Stazioni project was not only developed to renovate station Termini, the other 12 most important stations of Italy were also renovated. The total cost of the restoration of Stazione Termini was 119 million euros [2].

The main function of the station is still to transport. However, a significant part of the visitors does not make use of the transport services but visits the station solely for the other facilities. Many other restaurants and shops for tourists are located near to the station. Over the years, it seemed that the function of the station was more to entertain the visitors instead of providing transportation. During the renovation, the outside and style of Stazione Termini has not changed, but the inside of the station was renovated significantly. Compared to the Stazione Termini before the year 2000, the station has become more efficient in the form of clear signs, same facilities located in the same area and passengers became more mobile due to new stairways and escalators [4]. Thus, the focus is again on the main function of a station: travelling.

Shops in the entrance hall [5] Clear signs for passengers [6]


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