The Colosseum: Conclusion

The Colosseum has been the answer to many different issues through time. See the pictures below for each phase of the Colosseum that we have discussed in this Wiki. There have been several occupiers of the Colosseum who all used it for different purposes. Even in the Middle Ages, when the Colosseum lacked a proper function, it came to use for those who needed building materials and a place to stay. The Colosseum has always had a function. With all the information gathered, it does not seem so strange that eventually the church saw great potential in the Colosseum. Many others did so too in the past. And still today, the Colosseum is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is an eye catcher of Rome and it attracts many tourists to the city every year.

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From the Games,
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To a lack of function,
To a holy site,
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To millions of visitors every year!
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By Emma de Groot & Dennis Rauwerda